Christine Barger
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Workshop Outlines

Christine offers 3 different workshops as outlined below

1. Laughter for Success 

2. The Business of Showbusiness

3. New Media Promotion



Laughter for Success - (session outline)

Everyone loves to laugh.  Find out how to add a little humor to your life for success in everything from dating to the workplace.

1.  WHAT is comedy? WHY is it funny?

  • The elements of a joke: Set-up, Punchline, Expectations, Patterns, POV, Reference Point
  • Why certain jokes translate & others don't


  • Everyone can be funny
  • Humor is everywhere 
  • When are certain jokes appropriate      

3.  HOW?

  • How to write & deliver jokes

4.  Q&A

5.  Hands on comedy activities




 The Business of Showbusiness - (session outline)

We call it showbusiness, but rarely teach up and coming entertainers the business side of it.  In this session we will cover marketing, tools specific to "the industry", unions, the process of creating a project and more to help prepare students for the "real world" of "the biz" from an insider's experiences as an entertainer, agent, casting director and producer.

1.  Prepare - Steps you can take now

  • Choose your area of interest
  • Set goals
  • Classes/Study/Read
  • Take a business & law class
  • Understanding contracts
  • Research locations/Visit the cities/Choose your home
  • Save $$$ - The importance of a BUDGET
  • Practice (Both above & below the line can practice now)

2.  Getting Started

  • Where to live (Comparing NY, L.A., Chicago, etc...)
  • Marketing materials & knowing your brand
  • Websites for work
  • Finding representation
  • Agents v. Manager

3.  Success

  • A day in the life - what it's like on set
  • Differences in TV, Film, Live Events, New Media

4. Q&A




New Media Promotion on Campus

How to create quick, easy and effective online videos to promote campus activities.

1. Prepare

  • What you need before you begin (Camera, Software, Team, etc...)
  • Identify your audience & what they want from your event
  • Creating ideas & script writing

2.  Create

  • Before you shoot - make sure you are prepared
  • How to shoot your project (Lighting, Shots, etc...)
  • Playback before wrapping
  • Editting made simple 

3.  Promote

  • Uploading videos
  • Effective use of social media (Hootsuite)
  • Campus TV

4.  Q&A